"Bleu Ciel" - GATHA

"Bleu Ciel" - GATHA

Production : GATHA (·) REC

Direction : Gatha

DOP : Rémi Cluzeau

Lights : Greg Kozo

Director Assistant : Lomane Ronsenac

Drone : Ulysse Thevenon

Choreography : SUZANNE

Dancers : Lorenz Jack Chaillat-Cavaillé, Julien Chaudet, Julien Deransy & Eurydice Gougeon-Marine

Management : Floriane Inchelin

Make Up : Eva Ramirez

Editing : Rémi Cluzeau

Post Production : 20 Fingers Cool

Set Design : Guillaume Carballido

Crédit : MINA

It’s within the setting of a dense and sensual French written pop music that the singer, author, producer and classical trained cellist found her voice. Born in Bordeaux, France, she is influenced by her ever eclectic tastes – from Sia, M.I.A, Alicia Keys to 90’s-00’s Hip-hop productions. While sampling her childhood’s records and cello music also including the « looping » technique, Gatha discovers current pop music.

After many years of songwriting and multiple collaborations, Gatha performs as a supporting artist for Julien Doré, Asaf Avidan or Yodelice, and also works as music video composer for prestigious brands like Yves Saint Laurent, Vogue and Chanel.