Director : Billie Thomassin

Production : Heko

Producer : Elsa Philippe

Director of photography : Léo Schrepel

1st Assistant AD : Valentin Peoc’h

1st Assistant AC : Charles Lesur

Artistic director : Lucie Libotte

Fashion design : Jeanne Dekonink

Make-up : Lisa Michalik & Chloé Demoussis

Choregraphers / Dansers : SUZANNE / Eurydice Gougeon-Marine, Mélina Ferné & Mélissa Lalanne

contortionist : Coralie Berard

Bodybuilder : Joe Peltior

Extra : Lorenz Jack Chaillat-Cavaillé & Julien Chaudet


Montevideo is a rock band created by four dudes born in Belgium. Their first E.P., produced by Rudy Coclet (Arno, Sharko, Mud Flow) is out in 2004. Not a very long time after that, they performed in many music festivals trying to catch a label’s interests. John Stargasm, Ghinzu’s singer and Dragoon’s creator, finally gave them the opportunity to make their wish come true in 2005.

Their first album called “Montevideo” is produced by John Stargasm and Christine Verschoore. Out on June 6th 2006, the album features a lot of differents sounds and singles which reminds of different bands like The Rapture, Kaiser Chiefs, The Bravery and Devo. Mika Nagasaki, Ghinzu’s bass player also gave a hand to the production. For their third album “Temperplane”, they chose the label Tigersushi and Joakim’s music producer who had already been the producer of their second album.

Billie Thomassin



Billie Thomassin is a young french movie director who lives and works in Paris. She is graduated from the Arts Décoratifs School of Paris specialised in photography and video. By her works, she creates a self-ruled space dominated by colours and materials. Every single image she creates is considered as an installation where bodies and objects are associated and become sculptures.

In her compositions, she intends to produce moving forms between the familiar and the unfamiliar, the idealistic and the desacralised. She especially directed videos for GCDS, Nana, Le Slip Français, M.I.L.K… Her clients : Universal, Eres, Cacharel, Hermès, Dior and Nina Ricci Publications : Jalouse, l’Officiel, Bad to the Bone, Please, A Part, Modzik.
Personal exhibitions : “Qu’est ce que tu regardes?”, Espace Beaurepaire (2019), Circulations, le 104 (2018), Le plastique ne fane pas, L’improbable Paris (2016).