We are all SUZANNE.


SUZANNE is interested in bodies, in their unexpected expressions, and also in its more precise and elaborated gestures. She gets her inspiration for the small gestures of our everyday life. She likes to reveal them, to combine them, to exalt them and bring them to dance, every single movement is an excuse to create. Very much influenced and committed in a rich and complex actuality, SUZANNE is the fictional character required to embody ideas, identities and statuses to create a composed and sober choreographic style. She is looking for opposing this demand to the improvisation of dancers, their physical and psychological limits, through their singularities, from elegance to fatigue and indiscernible beauty.

Suzanne VERT


“When SUZANNE gathers, SUZANNE finds dance”

SUZANNE is a dance and performance company based in Paris, created in October 2017 by five performers (Lorenz Jack Chaillat-Cavaillé, Julien Chaudet, Julien Deransy, Eurydice Gougeon-Marine and Grégoire François) with very different artistic backgrounds (Arts, Art History, Architecture, Curating, Theater, Cinema,…). Their meeting, which took place during La NUIT BLANCHE 2017 under the direction of Olivier Dubois, was the trigger for the birth of SUZANNE. 

Now directed by Lorenz Jack Chaillat-Cavaillé, Julien Chaudet, Julien Deransy and Eurydice Gougeon-Marine, they form a community of ideas represented by a fictional female character: SUZANNE. SUZANNE is the idea of an autonomous artistic entity, as multiple as it is unique, whose desire to create is accompanied by a real desire to explore new artistic territories, where contemporary art meets living art, where the performance mingles with the dance, or sometimes one succeeds the other, without a clear desire to separate them.

“The beauty of the body is revealed by a gesture registered in the familiar, sobriety and reflection.”

SUZANNE’s work finds its identity and its various means of expression in a quality of minimalist movement, which emphasizes the precision of execution. The beauty of the body is revealed by a gesture registered in the familiar, sobriety and reflection. His favorite fields so far have been everyday gestures, exploring their application to scientific vocabulary, and language more generally. The exploration of language in its various communication systems by creating an extremely precise, codified vocabulary of gestures where movement and the body are tools for delivering message(s).

SUZANNE likes to engage in projects exploring different faces of art in order to invent multiple identities and an ability to adapt to a multitude of contexts. Since its creation, SUZANNE, through its various works, has explored a variety of formats (duration, configuration, staging, etc.), and continues to shape its identity through meetings, collaborations and strong research projects that are specific to her. This identity is one of a group of artists interested in the singular and still so free form, of the performance. The freedom of form that performance grants her allows her to mix codes of different disciplines (visual arts, dance, theater, etc.) as well as to invent new ones, and therefore to give birth to new and experimental artistic forms like her first creation STATU.

To date, SUZANNE has created three original performance works: the first, STATU (2018), a living and performative installation of an algorithmic simulation applied to an alphabet of everyday gestures; the second, MERCURES (2019), a baroque and minimal choreographic creation through which the dancers strive to convey with their bodies the urgent coded message: “RENCONTRONS NOUS / LET’S MEET EACH OTHER”. The third, CANON (2020) a performance praising useless and forgotten hand gestures, mixing minimalist movements, singing, installation, live recording and video projection. 

SUZANNE has also collaborated and performed for different artists giving birth in particular to the projects Regarder le soleil (2018) and Nuit Lavande (2019) by visual artist Adélaïde Feriot, composer Kerwin Rolland and musician Héloïse Derly; and | epochè | (2019) with the director Anna McGrath, the playwright Mattéo Bernardini and the visual artist Baptiste Brossard. SUZANNE also represents herself through video clips such as “COWARDS” (2018) by musician TAUR, “HARRY” (2019) from the group MONTEVIDEO and “PARTOUT CHEZ NOUS” (2020) from the singer My Single Lise.

SUZANNE is currently continuing her research on language to complete her first trilogy, initiated by STATU and MERCURES, with a project focusing on the most primitive language that can exist : the one of images.