“Silencieusement // DEVENIR// ” (“ Silently // BECOME // “ ) is the brand new podcast project by the artist and curator Sophie Monjaret. SUZANNE let herself get interviewed and answered Sophie’s questions.

In order to better understand the stakes of the art world of tomorrow, Sophie Monjaret launches a whole new project based on the search of the other. “ A sudden need fills me, an idea that fills the void. An obligation to meet the other. To move altogether in a world where we are told to isolate. A need to question the world I’m growing up in as an artist and curator”. A quest towards the other that takes the form of interviews turned into podcasts. In a context where the pandemic has forced a large number of actors from the living and contemporary art scene to silently create, imagine and rethink the world of tomorrow, “Silently // BECOME //”, Sophie Monjaret’s brand new project is conceived as different meeting spaces in times of health crisis. A 41 minute podcast dedicated to SUZANNE shows how a group of dancers and performers can continue to work together when we are not allowed to see or touch each other.

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