We are talking about the first edition of the “L’appel du Large” festival under the direction of Sylvia Varagne in the local newspaper Le Pays d´Auge! SUZANNE and thirty other artists animate the seafront and the boards of Deauville.

Under the direction of Sylvia Varagne, the first edition of L’Appel du Large festival offered to thirty artists, including SUZANNE, new meeting spaces between the seafront, boards, Pompeian baths and public spaces.

It was also (the immense) chance, after a post-containment 2.0 period, to reinvest the public space and once again offer curious passers-by and a few tourists STATU, the company’s first creation, which does not had not been performed since June 2019 in Vilnius as part of the Vilnius Art Fair. In a context of a global pandemic which has limited the distribution and exchange opportunities for artists, meetings between the public and artists and artists were the sinews of war for this first edition of L’ Appel du Large.

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